Does my horse need physiotherapy?

This is a question I regularly get asked by other horse owners when I am treating at a livery yard.

The answer is really quite simple. All horses are athletes, including the happy hacker, and when you consider how many human athletes undergo physiotherapy for maintenance on a regular basis it gives some indication to the benefit and prevention of serious problems from occurring. Therefore it goes without saying that just about any horse would benefit from a maintenance program.

I am a true believer that horses don’t misbehave for no apparent reason, therefore ask yourself… Have you noticed a change in your horse’s behaviour or performance? Has your horse become unwilling to work in a correct outline, jump or perform lateral movements? All these behaviours may be an indication of the start of a treatable condition.

We also provide physiotherapy services directly for veterinary surgeons and follow up work for post operative cases. For more information about the services we provide please go to the services page.

People decide to use Purple Vet Physio because we are fully qualified, registered with both RAMP and the Institute of Registered Veterinary Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP), a special interest of animal physiotherapists to ensure highest standards of animal therapy. If you think that your animal needs physiotherapy then remember Purple Vet Physio can deliver and improve your animal where possible.

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