Your First Appointment

The first appointment is the most important one as this is where we gain permissions to work on your animal in order to work within legal practice.

 Once the paperwork side has been completed, I spend a little time getting to know your horse and letting them become accustomed to me too in order to gain their trust which pays dividends into how well the treatments work. I always require a “trot up” to be performed, this alongside a good overall assessment takes roughly twenty minutes at which point I talk to the owner about the results and recommended ways forwards.

 Treatments then involve manual therapies of soft tissue mobilisation and electrotherapies including Pulse Electro-magnetic Field Therapy (PMFT or PEMF), Laser and Phototherapy (sometimes known as photobiomodulation), Therapeutic Ultrasound and Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation.

 I like to show the owner what is being achieved by keeping you involved the whole time. All treatments are recorded on an assessment record which can be kept with the passport. Total treatment time usually takes about an hour and a quarter with future treatments taking roughly 45 minutes if within a three month period. I will usually leave you with an exercise prescription to enhance the work that I have done.

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