About Us

If you are looking to get your horse or dog treated by a qualified and registered animal physiotherapist, then let me introduce myself.

My name is Tomos Garbett-Davies. I became a veterinary physiotherapist after one defining moment whilst out with my dog when he severely hurt himself, it turned out he had broken his back. I was devastated esp. as it looked likely that he would have to be put down. There was very little in the way of support that the vets could offer at the time but I was really determined to try my very best by him as he had tried so very hard for me in the past, it was the least I could do. Months later and he was able to perform a canter style gait and still lives today (currently 6 years on) but with unfortunately some severe (un-reversible) neurological problems and associated muscle wastage. Had I have known then what I know now he would be much better off but he is happy, hardly ever in pain, and for me this is what counts.

Having been involved in horse accidents myself with physiotherapy putting me right and then my dog with limited help nearby I decided that I was going to provide a physiotherapy service for animals. Having a degree already I trained for a further 4 years, two years were attending night college to get the necessary BHS qualifications behind me to enable myself to be eligible to get on to the university course.I then spent a further 2 years studying animal physiotherapy at MSc level 7 to become qualified to gain the advanced certificate in veterinary physiotherapy with Canine and Equine Physiotherapy Training based at Nottingham Vet School.