Does my horse need physiotherapy? This is a question I regularly get asked by other horse owners when I am treating at a livery yard.  The answer is really quite simple. All horses are athletes, including the happy hacker, and when you consider how many human athletes undergo physiotherapy for maintenance on a regular basis it […]

Your First Appointment

The first appointment is the most important one as this is where we gain permissions to work on your animal in order to work within legal practice.  Once the paperwork side has been completed, I spend a little time getting to know your horse and letting them become accustomed to me too in order to gain their […]


Manual Soft Tissue Mobilisations include: Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, Friction & Vibration work which covers both relaxation and stimulatory style massage. I also use stretches, myofascial release work and trigger point therapies. A lot of these will help with animals that need maintenance.  The only Electrotherapies that I use are ones that have been proven and include: […]


Charges (for 2015): Initial consultation: £35 plus mileage (reduced to £25 if carried out with the first treatment.) Treatments: Horse – £50 plus mileage Dog physiotherapy – £45 plus milage* Dog hydrotherapy – £40 at clinic We accept all major credit and debit cards and carry a chip and pin device with us. We also offer packaged […]


If you are looking to get your horse or dog treated by a qualified and registered animal physiotherapist, then let me introduce myself.  My name is Tomos Garbett-Davies. I became a veterinary physiotherapist after one defining moment whilst out with my dog when he severely hurt himself, it turned out he had broken his back. I was […]